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Sailors lounge on the berth deck of USS Olympia in 1898. Hooks for additional hammocks to be hung between those in use can be seen on the bulkhead behind. This image is a cyanotype, causing the distinctive color.

The forward compartment of the protected cruiser USS Boston, launched in 1884. Hooks on the beam in the foreground were used to hang hammocks. In the background, note the table hung from ropes, both to allow for stowing above, and to account for the…

A view of the berth deck on board the cruiser USS Olympia in 1899.

This 2010 photo shows the berth deck of the museum ship USS Olympia, with numerous hammocks slung from the overhead.

Berth deck cooks on board USS Ossipee pose with food and cooking implements in 1887

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Olympia lounge in the torpedo room after a meal, October 1899.

This colorized 1906 photograph shows sailors reclining on the deck of a Navy warship.

Sailors on board the battleship USS Rhode Island nap and read on deck on a Sunday afternoon.

This space on board USS Olympia served as the main hub for much of the berthing spaces for the officers of the ship. Separate compartments for each officer are accessed by wooden doors along the wood-paneled walls.

Sailors of the cruiser USS Brooklyn pose for a photo below deck, with hammocks slung for the night.

The spacious accommodations for an admiral on board USS Olympia.

This photo on deck of the cruiser USS Brooklyn shows a number of hammocks slung in a temporary arrangement, possibly to escape the heat below decks.

The captain's cabin on board the cruiser USS Olympia, taken in October 1899.
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