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The cruiser USS Atlanta underway, using a combination of steam and sail power.

Various scenes of daily life on board the cruiser USS Atlanta are depicted on this montage, circa 1886.

A 1970's investigation on the sinking of the USS Maine, initiated by Admiral Hyman Rickover (known as the "Father of the Nuclear Navy") concluded that that an accident was likely the cause of the tragic 1898 explosion that instigated the…

Sailors of the Great White Fleet pose in front of the Great Pyramids of Egypt while seated on camels.

As an enlisted sailor George Rose was awarded the Medal of Honor for actions ashore during the Boxer Rebellion in China. He is seen here later in life, having been commissioned an officer in 1917.

British and American sailors line the Pei-Ho River in an engagement with Chinese Boxer revolutionaries in 1900, outside Peking.

Sailors stoke boilers in the fire room of the cruiser USS Brooklyn.

The 2010 United States Post Office stamp of Admiral William Sims, who revolutionized American naval gunnery.

Sailors practice gunnery on board a Navy warship, in a colorized postcard.

Sailors on board the protected cruiser USS Atlanta practice fencing while docked at New York Navy Yard.

Sailors in the machine shop on board the repair ship USS Prometheus.

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Brooklyn crowd below decks, listening to music and playing cards.

Officers and stewards of the cruiser USS Brooklyn take a break from a meal to pose for a photo in the wardroom.

A steward on board the cruiser USS Brooklyn poses in the wardroom pantry.

This photo on deck of the cruiser USS Brooklyn shows a number of hammocks slung in a temporary arrangement, possibly to escape the heat below decks.
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