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A sailor stands guard in the streets of Vera Cruz in 1914.

Sailors of the battleship USS Michigan pose with machine guns during the invasion of Vera Cruz, Mexico in 1914.

Sailors armed with rifles and machine guns hold down precarious positions in the middle of Avenue Independencia in Vera Cruz, 1914.

Painting of The Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898, seen from the cruiser Olympia.

Sailors of the Great White Fleet ring an arena in Lima, Peru for a bullfight in 1908.

This report, written by Midshipman Earl Finney, details the events of a 1903 ambush by Filipino natives.

Sailors carry a crewman from the battleship USS Arkansas who had been shot by a sniper during the invasion of Vera Cruz in 1914.

Armed sailors from the cruiser USS Philadelphia pose at the American consulate at Apia, Samoa in April 1899.

Sailors on board the collier USS Orion sit down for a meal, circa 1917-1920

The cruiser USS Olympia on display as a museum ship in Philadelphia in 2010.

Sailors on liberty somewhere in the Middle East, early 1900's.

These informative plans for the battleship USS Massachusetts cover a number of crucial aspects of the ship. Included are cross sections, profiles, number of crew, and capacity of coal bunkers.

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Olympia compose and read letters, 1898. This image was originally a cyanotype, and has been digitally re-colored and cropped.

The luxurious wardroom on board the cruiser USS Olympia, taken in 1899.

Mascot on board the battleship USS Missouri during the cruise of the Great White Fleet, presented by people of Seattle, Washington.
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