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Sailors lounge on the berth deck of USS Olympia in 1898. Hooks for additional hammocks to be hung between those in use can be seen on the bulkhead behind. This image is a cyanotype, causing the distinctive color.

A funeral service is held in San Diego for sailors killed in the massive boiler explosion on board the gunboat USS Bennington.

An invitation to the launching of the battleship USS Oregon in 1893, at Union Iron Works in San Francisco.

The battleship USS Oregon (BB-3) departs Honolulu for San Francisco in 1905. The long pennant flying from her mast signifies a ship returning home after an extended deployment overseas.

The battleship USS Connecticut, photographed in 1906 on trials off the coast of Maine. This image has been digitally restored to remove scratches and abrasions.

These schematics show plan and elevation views of the battleship USS Oregon (BB-3). The drawing is dated 1893, the year Oregon was launched.

The protected cruiser USS Olympia at sea in 1902.

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Charleston pose with an extravagant Thanksgiving feast in 1893.

The forward compartment of the protected cruiser USS Boston, launched in 1884. Hooks on the beam in the foreground were used to hang hammocks. In the background, note the table hung from ropes, both to allow for stowing above, and to account for the…
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