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Sailors of the cruiser USS Brooklyn pose for a photo below deck, with hammocks slung for the night.

This painting depicts Commodore George Dewey on the bridge of the cruiser Olympia during the Battle of Manila Bay.

The battleship USS Kearsarge illuminated at night while visiting Portsmouth, England in July 1903.

The battleship USS Texas, photographed prior to the Spanish-American War.

The battleship USS Kearsarge, photographed in the 1900's.

The Presidential Yacht USS Mayflower, photographed around 1900.

Stewards on board the cruiser USS Brooklyn pose in uniform, circa late 1890's.

This space on board USS Olympia served as the main hub for much of the berthing spaces for the officers of the ship. Separate compartments for each officer are accessed by wooden doors along the wood-paneled walls.

The submarine USS Plunger underway off Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1909.

This Navy recruiting poster dates to World War I.

Wrecked warships, including the USS Trenton and USS Vandalia at left, along with the German ship Olga at right, at Apia Harbor after the hurricane of March 15-16 1889.

Battleships of the US Atlantic Fleet Fleet steam in a column in 1907 or 1908. USS Connecticut leads the way, followed by USS Kansas, USS Vermont, and others. Location is either San Francisco or Hampton Roads, and along with the date, is unconfirmed.

The mess table in the wardroom of the repair ship USS Prometheus is set for a meal, and attended by three stewards.

The dining table in the captain's dining room on board the battleship USS New Mexico, in 1919.

The neatly set dining table in the Officers' Mess Room sits ready for a meal on board the cruiser USS Pennsylvania in 1906. This is a black and white print of a color-tinted postcard.
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