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Sailors on board the gunboat USS Elcano share a meal on the Whang-Foo River in China, 1916.

Sailors are (around table, starting at left): Clancy Hodges, Milo Smith, Branden, Dunham, Arthur Furnas, La Bounty.

Sailors on board USS Olympia sit down for a meal, 1898.

Sailors on board the collier USS Orion sit down for a meal, circa 1917-1920

Officers and stewards of the cruiser USS Brooklyn take a break from a meal to pose for a photo in the wardroom.

The neatly set dining table in the Officers' Mess Room sits ready for a meal on board the cruiser USS Pennsylvania in 1906. This is a black and white print of a color-tinted postcard.

Three mess cooks carry heavy loads of potatoes.

The mess table in the wardroom of the repair ship USS Prometheus is set for a meal, and attended by three stewards.

Sailors of the engineer's force on board the cruiser USS Baltimore pose with their Christmas feast in 1904, off China.

The dining table in the captain's dining room on board the battleship USS New Mexico, in 1919.

The forward compartment of the protected cruiser USS Boston, launched in 1884. Hooks on the beam in the foreground were used to hang hammocks. In the background, note the table hung from ropes, both to allow for stowing above, and to account for the…

Sailors of the battleship USS Rhode Island mug for a photo, covered in coal dust.

A Christmas card announcing the holiday feast on board USS Oregon, 1917.

Stewards on board the cruiser USS Brooklyn pose in uniform, circa late 1890's.

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Charleston pose with an extravagant Thanksgiving feast in 1893.

Sailors on board the cruiser USS Olympia lounge in the torpedo room after a meal, October 1899.
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